DJI Statement On Further Misleading Claims About App Security

Today’s report from the Synacktiv digital security firm about DJI software includes further inaccuracies and misleading statements about how our ...

HELIGUY Specialist Drone Surveying Course Launched

A new specialist drone surveying course has been launched to help professionals conduct more accurate and consistent drone surveys. Drone expert ...

National Geographic Defies Gravity With TV’s First Global Airborne Franchise

National Geographic today announced it is expanding on the success of its From Above specials and creating television’s first global franchise ...
August 3, 2020

New Drone Programming Courses and Membership by DroneBlocks

Research and applications of STEM Education prove that students are in critical need of a robust curriculum to prepare for the developing future. DroneBlocks provides the necessary tools to engage learners throughout the school year by ...
August 1, 2020

EHang Launches Intelligent Aerial Firefighting Solution

EHang Holdings Limited the world's leading autonomous aerial vehicle (“AAV”) technology platform company, today announced the launch of the world’s first large-payload intelligent aerial firefighting solution.  Based on its flagship ...
July 24, 2020

MultiGP is proud to announce the world’s largest sim event to date, the MultiGP Virtual Open

MultiGP is proud to announce the world’s largest sim event to date, the MultiGP Virtual Open, powered by VelociDrone. Starting Sunday August 9 and running through Thursday August 13, the MultiGP Virtual Open will feature six ...
July 24, 2020

DJI Statement On Recent Reports From Security Researchers

DJI takes the security of its apps and the privacy of customer data seriously. While these researchers discovered two hypothetical vulnerabilities in one of our recreational apps, nothing in their work is relevant to, or contradicts, the reports ...
July 23, 2020

Hybrid Drones Open New Opportunities For Farmers

Drone spraying has been widely used in Southeast Asian countries such as China and Japan with great results. Now the trend is spreading to the US and Europe as well. Currently, we are seeing a significant increase in the number of drones used ...
July 22, 2020

EASA Publishes Proposed Standards For Certification Of Light Drones

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency has published a proposal of airworthiness standards for the certification of the vast majority of light unmanned aircraft. These standards will greatly contribute to the safe operation of drones for a wide ...
July 22, 2020

Alliance for Drone Innovation Launches Drone Operator Insight Series

Today, the Alliance for Drone Innovation (ADI) (, in coordination with the Drone Operators Federation, is launching the “Drone Operator Insight Series” to highlight America’s growing small business drone economy. Through ...
July 20, 2020

Flirtey Granted New Patent Instrumental for Safety of Drone Delivery

Flirtey, the pioneer of the commercial drone delivery industry, announced today it has been granted a new patent critical to the safety of drone delivery. This granted patent describes safety-enhancing technologies such as landing a drone ...

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