Review: Zeiss Cinemizer OLED Multimedia Video Glasses

The Cinemizer OLED Goggles are a revolutionary, multipurpose, head mounted, display system. A wonderful innovation for a multitude of professional and consumer uses including, but not limited to an immersive movie theater experience, 3D gaming, as an external viewfinder for DSLR cameras or as a 3D viewfinder on a 3D camera rig, virtual walkthroughs, FPV use for quadcopters, RC cars, and planes.


Quick Specifications of the Zeiss Cinemizer OLED Multimedia Video Glasses

  • Aspect ratio = 16:9
  • Simulated screen of 40″
  • Field of View = 30°
  • 870 x 500 pixels on each display (100% fill factor)
    24 Bit RGB color depth
  • Diopter Settings Individually adjustable by -5 to +2 D
  • Video capable iPod & iPhone models (30-Pin connector) via optional accessory
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery



What comes in the box



  • Cinemizer OLED incl. rechargeable battery
  • Cinemizer HDMI Adapter
  • Nose pad plus 2 nose pad adapter
  • USB-Cable
  • AV-video-cable (3,5mm 4pin to 3 x Cinch)
  • Quick Guide and safety handling
  • Headphones
  • Travel case
  • HDMI to Mini-HDMI Adapter-Cable


We received a pair to test and give our feedback on. Although we haven’t had the opportunity to test the goggles in the multitude of applications that they could be used for, we wanted to give my feedback on the areas that we have experimented with thus far.


Comfort– We found the Cinemizer OLED Goggles to be very comfortable. They are lightweight and not cumbersome feeling. We are impressed with the number of nose pad adapters, made of soft silicone and three sizes of ear plugs are including so that the consumer is able to pick the best fit for themselves. Not just a “one size fits most” mentality. Even after several hours of use, the goggles were still comfortable. Also, we really like the ear slider attachments that are included. They easily slide on and are adjustable to slide up to the back of your ears. They secure the goggles on to your head without any concern of the goggles sliding forward or falling off as you move your head during use.

It is not necessary to wear your own eyeglasses or contacts when using the Cinemizer Goggles. The Cinemizer Goggles accommodate prescriptions ranging from -5 to +2 diopters in each eye. Each eyepiece has a wheel that you can easily adjust to accommodate the prescription for each of your eyes. We loved this feature as well. Especially when watching videos and movies.


Display– Some of our test staff were concerned that putting on goggles to view a screen while gaming, movie watching, or remote controlling a quad-copter would cause them to feel “closed off” from their surroundings and would be too small of a display area. Quite the contrary. Our staff found that the screen size and fit of the goggles gave a fully immersive experience in all of the applications experimented with. The quality of the display was beautiful too.

We do have some concerns regarding light leakage, using the Cinemizers outside. Because of the design of the Cinemizers, you will get some light leaks when using it outdoors. It’s not too bad though, the screens are bright enough to allow you to see clearly. An optional eyecup kit is available, but they are sold separately as an optional accessory.


Gaming-I have never had much of an interest in immersive gaming….until now! Previously, I had minimal experience playing any video games and did not have an interest in games like Call of Duty and the like. For the purpose of a review, I started a game on our gaming console and played a “normal” game using the controller included with the system. As I had suspected, still not overly interested in playing. I connected the Cinemizer OLED Goggles and, Wow! I felt as if I was actually walking through the game. Not just an avatar, trudging along. I was impressed with the quality of the picture and the goggles were still comfortably fitting after a few hours of playing. Also, they felt secure on my face, even after moving my head quite a bit.


Remote Control– I am an avid quad-copter enthusiast. One of the main reasons I asked to review the Cinemizer OLED Goggles was for use with my quad-copters. I felt the overall experience was amazing. I truly felt as if I was flying through the sky. The video quality was great, even with varied light conditions. One thing I did notice was the smaller field of view. The Cinemizer’s FOV is 30 degrees most other FPV systems are a little larger. Once again the light leakage was notable but not to bad.



The Zeiss Cinemizers are not the least expensive video goggle system on the market, but when you consider that the quality is unlike any other system currently out there and combine that with the fact that they can easily double as a personal video system, they are an excellent value. Zeiss is known for having the best optical lenses in the world and after several weeks of using with the Cinemizer glasses, We can see that the same quality has been put into these as well. All in all, we are very impressed with the OLDE Cinemizer goggles and we would recommend them.

Our only complaint with the goggles would be that there is peripheral light leakage. I would have preferred full darkness surroundings so that I was not distracted by the light penetrating on the sides, bottom and top of the goggles.

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