Amazing ‘Ghost Plane’ Created By 800 Drones At Air Show

Visitors to the 2019 Nanchang Flight Convention were treated to a majestic skyscape of glowing drones, creating what appears to be a propeller plane, an airliner, and a fighter jet.

The spectacular choreography was just one part of the convention, an industry event designed to show off China’s latest developments in aviation, space travel and drone technology.

More than 100 aircraft from China and other countries were exhibited at the convention, both military and commercial, ranging from venerable biplanes to modern fighter jets.

Yin Meigen, member of the Standing Committee of Jiangxi Provincial Committee and Secretary of Nanchang Municipal Party Committee, said during the opening ceremony that the flight convention is the first high-level comprehensive aviation exhibition held in Jiangxi Province.

Meigen explained the aim of the convention was to promote the high-quality development of Nanchang’s aviation industry, helping to boost and incentivise investment and the rise of the aviation industry in China

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